The Star Raiders

The orange lights grew brighter in the sky,
And seven in a circle gathered round;
The planet’s inhabitants looked up high,
And watched the hov’ring ships without a sound.
When finally the order came, they fired,
Each rocket sent a giant electric spark
Which hit the surface, and all life expired,
Consumed by one enormous burning arc.
The great electric fire burned thirteen days,
The world which grew so green now glowed bright red,
The plunderers descended through the haze,
The planet which they’d killed would now be bled.
Their giant machinery now tore apart
The crust, and burrowed deep into the soil,
Uranium extracted from the heart
Was purified with many hours toil.
Silver and gold were dug, and precious ores,
Gemstones and rare earth metals deep inside,
The victors of a thousand stellar wars
Cared not for all the millions who had died.
Their empire had been built on death and fear,
They crushed without mercy both friend and foe,
They robbed world after world, year after year,
And slowly watched their wealth and power grow.

So once again they left a barren world,
Their fiery orange laser lights they shone,
Their noisy fusion motors slowly whirled,
And nothing broke the silence when they’d gone.

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