Letter To The Evening Standard
Re “Statistical Racism

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April 18, 2002


We've had institutional "racism", benign "racism", unconscious "racism",
and structural "racism", now after reading your report tonight "Theatres
accused of racism" I would like to add another: statistical"racism".

The reality is that human beings are not statistics and cannot and
should not be treated as such. The fact that only one in 25 theatre
workers is "from the ethnic minorities" may have something to do with
the fact that perhaps 50% of the small retail outfits in the UK are
owned by Asians, 70,000  or so British-Italians work in the catering
industry, and most of the black high achievers are either sportsmen and
women or musicians. Talented though some of these people may be, none of
them can be in two places at once.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

Author "MAGNUS HIRSCHFELD: The Man Who Invented Racism - 
And His Evil Legacy"

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