The Song Of Mary Whitehouse

You won’t find any nudes in the gay magazine,
But they still find excuses to call us obscene. - Tom Robinson

For donkeys’ years you cunts have preached your poison,
Polluted children’s minds, you fucking vermin,
Addressed us in a manner camp, informal,
And kidded us your filthy vice is normal.

You’ve shrieked and shouted being queer is gay,
But while I’m still around, no fucking way;
The media gave sodomy a boost,
But now the chickens have come home to roost.

Perverted wretches, enemies of Christ!
Gay Christianity? That’s one sick heist.
How they could stomach that’s beyond my ken,
It brings new meaning to the phrase Ah-men.

And then there was your moral rape of Jesus,
Sent down by God to save, uplift and please us,
Your foul Gay News reviled our Lord in verse,
For that a pox on you, and the AIDS curse.

For those who would repent, it’s far too late,
Best thing to fuck off home and masturbate.
Ten years more and you’ll all have got the chop,
Faggots farewell, the kissing has to stop.

Begone, shit-stabbing perverts of the night!
Into the Pit, praise the Lord, praise the Light!
Too long you’ve buggered, licked and sucked in clover,
Now kiss your arse goodbye: the party’s over.

[The above was first published in TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! The ITMA Book Of “Gay” Verse.]

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