Song O’ The Despaired Laird

Och aye the noo!
Wha’ can a’ do?
Ma lassie’s run off wi’ a Sassanach;
Ah miss Morag,
(The heartless slag),
Somehow ah has t’win ’er back.

Ah could na ken
She’d go wi’ men
From south a’ Scotland’s border,
Eyes a deep blue,
She was a true,
An’ full bred Highland dotter.

Och oo the naye,
Please hear ma’ cry
O Lord in Heav’n above,
Bring back ah plea’
Ma gal t’me,
Ma precious, only love.

If ah can’t win ’er
Back, the sinner,
Ma life’ll be a holy mess,
Ah’ll pour ma drink
Right doon the sink,
An’ go jump in Loch Ness.

If she do stay
From me away,
Mah life in truth ah’ll finish,
Ah’ll curse ma belle:
“Get thee t’Hell,
An’ the Devil take the English!”

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