Song For Sharon

My name is Jew, and throughout history
No one has suffered half as much as me.
Six million died in Hitlerís bloody war,
Never again! Youíll torture me no more.

My name is Jew, the scapegoat of the Earth,
No one should underestimate my worth,
Only a fool would dare to buck my power,
My wire-pulling and wails make monarchs cower.

My name is Jew, neurotic to excess:
My hand in the till, my arse on the press,
The Anti-Semite sees me everywhere,
Nobody else does, nobody would dare!

The politician fawns, reporter whinges,
The Court Historian turns pale and cringes,
My most heinous crimes go unrecorded
Because my whores are handsomely rewarded.

My name is Jew, and I do as I like,
Never again, I cry, pre-emptive strike!
A hundred dead, a thousand? Understand:
The greater evil says trade peace for land.

My name is Jew, the Holocaust was mine,
Now itís your turn to suffer, hateful swine,
Today and for the next two thousand years
The world will be awash with Esauís tears.

My name is Jew, and Mankind is my minion,
None more so than the wretched Palestinian,
No force on Earth can pressure or entrap me,
Even the US President darenít slap me.

My name is Jew, and I do as I please,
Now Mr Arafat, down on your knees,
My friends are legion, my foes I destroy,
So donít you mess with me, you stupid goy.

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