Song For Damien

Be careful in this place, the walls have ears,
Theyíll hear both what you say and what you donít,
One careless word, theyíll lock you up for years,
Donít think because youíre innocent they wonít.
If someone upstairs has it in for you,
Logic and evidence will not prevail,
Atheist, Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Jew,
Pauper or millionaire, to no avail
Youíll scream your innocence, but theyíll ignore
The letter and the spirit of the law.

Be careful both what you say and to whom,
Especially when Damienís around,
But even when he isnít, donít assume
That all the snitches here have gone to ground.
They look and act like us most of the time,
But thatís always the case with lowlife slime.

April 5, 2011

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