We Owe The Jews Nothing
by Robert Shrillgoy-Pillock

We are told by some of our more hysterical critics that anti-Semitism grows daily and is the most heinous evil known to man, especially when it relates to Israel. So? Should we be worried about that? Don’t you think the incessant whining, mischief-making and mendacity of the Israelis is good reason for this? After all, gallant little Israel is hardly a shining example of a civilised country, is it? What contribution has it ever made to the rest of the world? Apart from Jaffa oranges, Sharon fruit and the arms trade, what benefit is it to the rest of mankind?

Can you think of any?

Anything really useful? Any really valuable? Something we really need and could not do without?

We’re told the Jews have every right to loathe us? Really, for endorsing the Balfour Declaration? For allowing them to establish the bandit state?

For subsidising the lifestyle of every citizen of and every emigrant to Israel? For giving Israel vast amounts of aid? The Jews should go down on their knees and thank God for the munificence of the United States.

What do the Jews think we should feel about them? That we adore them for the spread of communism, or for the way they murdered British servicemen, policemen and civilians in the terror campaign to establish their worthless state?

Do they think we should admire them for their continued oppression of the Palestinian people, their invasion of the Lebanon, their annexation and continued occupation of their neighbours’ lands in defiance of a myriad United Nations’ resolutions? Are we supposed to admire their shooting of unarmed civilians and their torture of political prisoners?

But why, in any case, should we be concerned that they feel angry and loathe us? The Jewish world has not exactly earned our respect, has it?

Israel is a vile, terrorist régime, a pariah among nations. The Jewish Diaspora is vile, indeed most Jews worldwide chant their unconditional support for Israel and Ariel Sharon.

That is to say, they support an evil dictator, the Butcher of Beirut. How can they do this and expect our respect? Haven’t you, we, all mankind, had enough of the Jews? They claim they have been hated, persecuted and terrorised by the wicked goyim for two thousand years, as if only Jewish suffering mattered, as if hating Jews for whatever reason was somehow more ignoble than hating any other race. The fact is that the Jews have learned nothing from the past two thousand years, and the available evidence indicates they will learn nothing from the next two thousand years.

Why all the fuss? Simply because they scream louder than everybody else. Don’t they make you want to throw up?

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