Notes And References


(1) “Veggie magazine says sorry over hoax letter”, page 6, Jewish Chronicle, November 13, 1992. Some of the letters were fairly vicious in tone, said Jonathan Kestenbaum, the Chief Rabbiís spokesman.
(2) Gothic Ripples, No 136, 10th April, 1956, page 1.
(3) OUT OF STEP Events in the Two Lives of an anti-Jewish Camel-Doctor, by Arnold Leese, published by the author, (1951), page 4.
  Leese believed the Jews owned and controlled the press lock, stock and barrel. If this were true, then it is strange that he was able to contribute articles to respectable journals at the height of anti-Nazi hysteria in Britain. His curious autobiography contains the following essays which were reprinted with acknowledgement:
  Mule Sense and Camels: Fiction and Fact from the magazine Country Life, 1944 and 1945 respectively. And Bill of the Desert (about his dog), from a 1949 edition of The Wild World.
(4) A Treatise on the One-Humped Camel in Health and in Disease, by A.S. Leese M.R.C.V.S. This book was printed and published by Haynes & Son, (1928). Effectively it was self-published, but it appears to be an excellent book, although for obvious reasons it would never have been a bestseller. I am informed that it was (and may still be) a standard text in veterinary colleges. The frontispiece states that the author was Camel Specialist to the Government of India 1907-13; Camel Specialist to the Government of the East African Protectorate; and Veterinary Officer to the Marehan Field Force 1913-14.
(5) Leese, Out of Step, page 45, (op cit).
(6) The Protocols is a document which purports to be the minutes of a secret meeting of Jewish plutocrats held at the turn of the century. Based on an earlier French satire, they were distributed widely in Tsarist Russia by the anti-Semitic Okhrana, a Tsarist forerunner of the KGB. Later they taken to the United States by Boris Brasol, an active anti-Semite (and later Nazi collaborator), who sold them to the unfortunately named Ernest Liebold, secretary to the great industrial genius Henry Ford.
  Ford developed an obsession with the Jewish world conspiracy and used his enormous wealth to spread this nonsense to the far corners of the Earth. Although today the text of the Protocols might appear too patently transparent for any intelligent person to take seriously, this is sadly not the case. At that time the Protocols fooled Hitler as well as Ford; today it continues to fool, among others, the Dowager Lady Birdwood and British National Party Leader John Tyndall, who is also so foolish as to think himself an heir to the FŁhrer himself.
  The reader is referred to Norman Cohnís WARRANT FOR GENOCIDE: The myth of the Jewish world-conspiracy and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, London, (1967), for the history of the Protocols, and to Herman Bernsteinís The Truth About “The Protocols of Zion”: A Complete Exposure, published by Covici Friede, (1935), for the definitive refutation.
(7) The Legalised Cruelty of Shechita: The Jewish Method of Cattle-Slaughter, BY ARNOLD LEESE, M.R.C.V.S. published by the author, (1940).
The above link, which was added November 11, 2013, is to an archived HTML version, which is probably a faithful copy, nevertheless, caveat emptor.
(8) Treifeh – literally torn – means unfit for consumption by a Jew.
(9) There is a long list of things which make the meat “forbidden”.
(10) The Abridged Shulhan Arukh: A compilation of the laws contained in the Ovah Hayyim and Yore Deah, arranged by Joseph Pardo, Rabbi of Amsterdam, annotated by Rabbi Moses Isserls, translated by Hyman E. Goldin English/Hebrew, published by Hebrew Publishing Company, (1928), page 145.
  There is also in this section of the Shulhan Aruch, a lot about the preparation and salting of meat.
(11) “All are eligible to slaughter, in the first instance, even women and slaves. (But the custom is that women do not slaughter). A blind person may slaughter when other persons watch him do it. The slaughtering may be done with anything that is detached from the ground providing it contains no damage.” From page 134 of the Shulhan Arukh, (ibid). [Transliteration of Shulhan Aruch and many Hebrew words varies considerably.]
(12) “He who slaughters many animals at a time, must examine the knife between each and every slaughter...The one who slaughters should pronounce a benediction.” Page 135, (ibid).
(13) Religious Slaughter, by R.P. Singleton from Humane Slaughter Workshop, published by the Council of Justice to Animals and the Humane Slaughter Association, (1988), page 91. [Proceedings of a symposium, 24th and 25th March 1987.]
(14) Singleton, Religious Slaughter, (ibid), page 91.
(15) Singleton, Religious Slaughter, (ibid), page 95.
(16) Some Aspects of SHECHITA (The Jewish method of slaughtering animals for food), by Joan Lawrence, published by the Council of Christians and Jews, (1987).
  Obviously the author had never heard of Arnold Leese!
(17) Lawrence, (ibid).
(18) From the second page (unnumbered) of the introduction of
My Irrelevant Defence
Meditations Inside Gaol and Out
on Jewish Ritual Murder
published by I.F.L. Printing and Publishing Co, (1938).
  The I.F.L. was of course the Imperial Fascist League, which Leese boasted had no connection with Oswald Mosley – who was yet another agent of the Jews!
  Leese had previously been tried for seditious libel, convicted, and fined. He elected to serve six months imprisonment instead, and later published this pamphlet obviously still smarting from his encounter with a Masonic judge in the pay of the Jewish money power. The man was a total head case.
The above link, which was added November 11, 2013, is to an archived PDF version of a computer edition, which is probably a faithful copy, nevertheless, caveat emptor. (See also the third page of the actual text).
(19) Lawrence, Some Aspects of Shechita...,(op cit).
(20) AN UP-TO-DATE ASSESSMENT OF THE JEWISH METHOD OF SLAUGHTER, by L.M. Gerlis MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCPath., from Humane Slaughter of Animals For Food, Proceedings of a symposium, 18th September 1986, published by the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare which co-hosted it with the Humane Slaughter Association, published 1987, page 35.
(21) Like every other ethnic group, the Jews are their own worst enemy. It was not Arnold Leese but Theodor Herzl, the founding father of modern Zionism, who said this.
(22) Leese, Shechita, page 5, (op cit).
(23) Of course, if Jews didnít donate money to animal societies, this indifference to animal suffering would be further proof of their unique wickedness. In other words, the Jew is to be condemned whatever he does. Which is entirely the point.
(24) Tractate Berakoth, 40a, page 246, The Babylonian Talmud, Soncino Press, (1948).
(25) Baba Mezia, 31a, page 193, (ibid).
(26) Gerlis, page 32, (op cit).
(27) Perhaps this method could also be used for exterminating those other human termites, anti-Semites. Unfortunately, this would cause severe logistical problems, for if, as Organised Jewry would have us believe, a fifth, a quarter or even a third of the population has anti-Semitic tendencies, by the time they have finished applying the glamorous Purim formula *, there wonít be anybody left. And of course, never let it be forgotten that all white people are racist.
  * Attributed to Rabbi Leon Spitz from the American Hebrew, March 1, 1946, but cited here from The Iron Curtain Over America, by John Beaty, [published c1951 by Wilkinson?] pages 105-6:
  "Glamorous Purim Formula: Exterminate Anti-Semitic Termites...American Jews...must come to grips with our contemporary anti-Semites. We must fill our jails with anti-Semitic gangsters. [But werenít they all Jewish?] We must fill our insane asylums with anti-Semitic lunatics..."
  The worse thing about paranoia is that it is contagious. What would these two have made of each other if theyíd had to share a cell?
(28) Leese, Shechita, page 9, (op cit).
(29) Mr Leeseís polemic against shechita cost 3d plus ½d postage; his text on the camel, a substantial hardback book, was priced at 16s plus 6d postage. At todayís prices the latter would probably cost something in the region of £20, so the donation to the Jewish poor is of the order of three or four copies of a college text book. It would appear that then as now, Rothschilds are few and far between.
  Incidentally, Leeseís book on the camel was priced at 16s when it was first published 12 years earlier in 1928.
(30) Indeed, we in the West are constantly being reminded by the white ethno-masochists of how rich we are, how we “oppress” the peoples of the “Third World”, and similar rubbish. Almost all of these said ethno-masochists are committed socialists. Under “Imperialism” most African states were net exporters of food; however, as they have been “liberated” from white racist oppression, they have been plunged one by one into chaos, tribal warfare and mass starvation. The destruction of free enterprise and the imposition of planned [ie socialist] economies is unquestionably responsible for this. Ironically, the Socialist Internationale continues to blame the plight of “liberated” Africa on racism and Imperialism.
(31) In the March 1935 issue of The Fascist, issue No 69 apparently, but cited here from page 169 of Anti-Semitism in British Society 1876-1939, by Colin Holmes, published by Edward Arnold, (1979).
(32) Gothic Ripples, page 4, issue no 96, 14th January 1953, (op cit).
(33) For the record, I am totally opposed to both badger-baiting and fox-hunting. In particular I have a soft spot for foxes, and would rather see the hunters horse-whipped than the hunt saboteurs.
(34) Libertarian Alliance conference on environmentalism, London, 26th September, 1992.
(35) On the LBC Radio programme, You Donít Have To Be Jewish, broadcast on Sunday, 27th December 1992, more air time was devoted to an anti-Semitic Chanukah card that was supposedly sent to a hundred prominent Jews than to the recent blatant and far more scandalous violation of human rights in Israel by the judicially approved expulsion of over four hundred Arab men who had been convicted of no crime. At the time of writing, this is still on-going.
(36) Both quotes are cited from page 169 of Trashing The Planet by Dixy Lee Ray with Lou Guzzo, published by Regnery Gateway, (1990).
(37) Lewis Gompertz – The First Animal Rights Activist 1784-1861, published in The Jewish Vegetarian, No 93, June 1990, page 14.
(38) The Universal Jewish Encyclopaedia, Vol 5, (1941), page 54.
(39) Lewis Gompertz – The First Animal Rights Activist, page 18, (op cit).
(40) Moral Inquiries on the Situation of Man and of Brutes, by Lewis Gompertz Esq., published by the author, (1824), page 10.
(41) Turning Point, page 12, (op cit).
(42) Turning Point, page 13, (ibid).
(43) From page v of Animal Liberation, by Peter Singer, Second Edition, published by Thorsons, (1990), page v.
  Prejudice means to prejudge, to discriminate means simply to choose. Though we might find “discrimination” based on race or sex offensive in certain situations, it should ultimately be a matter of individual choice. Itís a pity the government and that most perfidious of organisations, the United Nations, hasnít seen fit to recognise that.
(44) Indeed, in certain London boroughs, and presumably throughout the rest of the country, public toilets are now attended by an attendant of either sex. This appears to be the bottom line of “womenís liberation” and the struggle against sexism.
(45) Singer, Animal Liberation, page 9, (op cit).
(46) Singer, Animal Liberation, page 19, (ibid).
(47) Singer, Animal Liberation, page 215, (ibid).
(48) From the essay Racism, in The Virtue of Selfishness, by Ayn Rand, published by Signet, (1964), page 127.
(49) Yes, this is for real, folks! Selected by Rosemary Stones and Andrew Mann and published in 1979 by Childrenís Rights Workshop [sic], this “politically correct” primer introduces the young reader to Williamís Doll and The Night Daddy, among others. It is doubtful though if its non-sexist compilers approve of the celluloid version of one of its recommended titles, True Grit, which casts the late, great John Wayne as a far from non-sexist, hard-drinking US Marshal. And however did Ruth Hurlimannís The Proud White Cat slip through? Surely that must be racist?
(50) Singer, Animal Liberation, page 2, (op cit).
(51) Mahatma actually means “great soul”. His full name was Mohandras Karamchand Gandhi.
(52) In his book, Itís Very Simple: The True Story of Civil Rights, (Western Islands, 1965), Alan Stang, demonstrates that Martin Luther King and his entourage were more red than black. For example, Negro “civil rights” activist Benjamin J. Davis was National Secretary of the Communist Party!
(53) Sentenced to hard labour, Gandhi was ill-treated by the (presumably white) South African prison guards, and by African prisoners. Encyclopaedia Americana: International Edition, page 279, Vol 12, (1977).
(54) Turning Point, October-December 1991, issue no 23, page 4.
(55) Animal Rights and Wrongs, by Lesley Newson, published by A&C Black, (1989), page 9.
(56) Farm Animal Welfare, Edited by P. Rowlinson, published by the Agricultural Environment Research Group, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, (1987). Proceedings of a meeting, 9 April, 1986. See page 7.
(57) Rowlinson, Farm Animal Welfare, page 13, (ibid).
(58) Farm Animal Welfare, page 15, (ibid).
(59) Leeseís comment on the death of his fellow traveller Henry Klein will perhaps illustrate just how deranged the man was. Klein was an American lawyer and a Jew who believed passionately in the World Zionist Conspiracy. He has several listings in Robert Singermanís Anti-Semitic Propaganda as the author of pamphlets purporting to expose the machinations of the Jewish Sanhedrin. *
  In Gothic Ripples, No 133, 29th November, 1955, (page 3), under the heading An Unusual Jew, Leese reports his death in New York, aged 76.
  Klein, says Leese, claimed that the Protocols was a plan by which a handful of Jews, the Sanhedrin, aimed to rule the world by destroying Christendom. He claimed the Jews as a group knew nothing about the Protocols.
  “Being a Jew he had to add the lie...” commented Leese! In serving the wicked, expect neither reward nor gratitude!
  * ANTISEMITIC PROPAGANDA An Annotated Bibliography and Research Guide, by Robert Singerman, published by Garland, New York, (1982).
(60) Gompertz, Moral Inquiries..., page 5, (op cit).
(61) Gompertz, Moral Inquiries..., page 10, (ibid).
(62) One must bear in mind that shechita has been used by Orthodox Jews since Biblical times. Certainly there have been and continue to be far less humane methods of slaughtering animals. Shooting an animal through the head with a bolt may sound more humane, but death is by no means instantaneous, and it may take three or more attempts to dispatch an unfortunate beast.
(63) This latter does seem a strange state of affairs. Obviously one can be pro-Jewish without actually being Jewish, but can one truthfully claim to be pro-vegetarian without giving up meat?
(64) This and the following information is taken from various leaflets put out by the Society.
(65) Bullfighting, by M.T. Newton, Senior Lecturer in Spanish at Newcastle upon Tyne Polytechnic, published by Harrap, London, (1979).
(66) In the British Library, certain books are kept in a locked cupboard. Mostly these are of an explicit (sexual) nature. Bullfighting is held at Cup.580.c.45.
(67) Bullfighting, Newton, pages 4-6, (op cit).
(68) Bullfighting, Newton, page 9, (ibid).
(69) Anti-Bullfighting Propaganda, published by La Coordinadora, Madrid, (1987).

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