She Threw Me Away

I once had a love of such passion, so fine,
Made me proud among men when our arms did entwine,
And the pain fled her eyes when she called herself mine,
But she threw me away like the dregs of the wine.

I once had a love, and she swore herself true:
A hundred, a thousand times, Al, just for you,
But the sad sorry truth is I was just a screw,
For she threw me away with a shrill, screamed adieu.

She threw me away when Id outlived my use,
(Ironic in view of her claims of abuse),
She threw me away with no trace of remorse,
A messy, one-sidedly painful divorce.

She threw me away like a kiss on the wind,
And left me to wonder just how had I sinned,
And how all her tender words counted for naught,
Negated by her final, callous retort.

I sat and I brooded, and stared at the wall,
Emotions in turmoil, my head in a squall,
Her lies never ending, her promises void,
My happiness gone and forever destroyed.

For so writes the Finger, and then it moves on,
And nothing can ever recapture whats gone,
But soon The Dark Man will make her curse the day
She shattered my True Love and threw me away.

November 1, 2008

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