From Tue Jul 25 20:06:49 2000 Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:31:34 -0500 To: From: NSNet Subject: Interview With the Vampire Mime-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii" Status: R INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE >Hello Mr. Covington: > >Thanks for the quick response. I put together some questions that I'd like >to ask you. I know that some of them may deal with controversial topics >from your past. Therefore, I fully understand if you are uncomfortable >answering some of them. > >I'd greatly appreciate any feedback you would give me. I believe that it >would make a significant contribution to my dissertation. > >Sincerely yours, >George Michael ====================================== >1. Mr. Covington would you tell me a little bit about your current role in >the far right milieu? I am a writer who produces a quantity of polemic on a variety of subjects, which is largely ignored, and some fiction which is not half bad even if I do say so myself. I am presently Grand Panjandrum of the National Front of North America, because White racial nationalists seem to require a kind of security blanket in the form of the vision of some big, revolutionary organization. In actual fact I am an individual spokesman for a point of view that I freely admit is a minority tendency within the Movement---those of us who take it all seriously, and those of us who still entertain the quaintly antiquated notion that Aryan "leaders" should reflect the virtues they claim to uphold in their own personal lives. My work is made possible by a number of people, to whom I can never adequately express my gratitude and imagination. The idea that I am some kind of lone outlaw or whatever operating outside "the Movement" is pretty obvious horse manure. I could not have survived all these years without the support of hundreds of true comrades, and the people who abuse me the loudest are quite well aware of the fact, as witness their unspeakably vicious attacks against anyone who defends me in public. >2. You have been involved in far right politics since you were a young man. >Would you tell me how you got involved? > Three years in an integrated public high school. For further reference check out my article "Dreaming The Iron Dream" at >3. In America, the general public sees the far right as beyond the pale of >respectability. There would seem to be an enormous amount of psychological >pressure living under such a stigma. Do you have any regrets? > Of course I do, and anyone my age who tells you they don't is a liar or a fool. But if a fairy godmother gave me an opportunity to do it all over again I would, in the main, travel the same path I have done. There is simply no other way for any Aryan human being with the remotest remaining shred of decency to live their lives, other than on the outs with this society. >4. There is a lot of speculation over your role in the 1979 Greensboro >Massacre. Some allege that you were a government agent provocateur. Would >you comment on your role, if any, that you played in this incident? > The allegations come from a book entitled "Code Name Greenkil", written by a leftist lesbian named Elizabeth Wheaton who was, and for all I know still is, employed by an old CPUSA front group called the Institute for Southern Studies and its magazine, Southern Exposure, which may or may not be defunct by now. There is little I can say, except that Wheaton is a politically motivated liar with a transparent agenda, and that the people who have since spent a great deal of time parroting her baseless bullshit are also entirely aware that these things are untrue. I have always found it wryly amusing that people who claim to hate leftists and lesbian perverts suddenly decide that on this one subject---Harold Covington---a carpet-munching Commie speaks with ex cathedra infallibility. Half-truths, however malicious, can be exposed by careful and meticulous analysis of the facts, but there is nothing so pointless as attempting to refute outright fabrications and fantasies. Pathological liars have an endless stock in trade; once one embarks on that road there is never any end to it. As for the various Usenet allegations recently put out by the NA cyber-cell, these worry me even less. The three identifiable individuals who have made these posts are so clearly mentally unbalanced that in April of 1998, one of these men became the subject of a Duke University psychology graduate class's project in psychotic schizophrenia. Earlier this evening, I e-mailed a younger comrade who is having problems with two of these three NA-associated individuals that in this society, there is in the final analysis simply no protection from a NUT. The ball is pretty much always in his court. But by the same token, neither is there any moral or spiritual credibility attached to a nut. In all the years this has been going on, I have never met one single person of normal mental and emotional balance who seriously believes that I am under any obligation whatever to "answer" in the specific what are very clearly, very sick and contemptible lies. One of the reasons I am answering your questionnaire, sir, is to provide a kind of canned response to those who are genuinely curious about what they hear and approach me in that spirit of honest curiosity. >5. A few years after this incident you reportedly spent a few years in >Britain and Ireland during which you consorted with members of the Irish >Republican Army and allegedly helped found Combat 18. Would you comment on >these years for me? > None of these things are true. Gerry Gable made it all up, quite literally. The first I ever knew or read of any "Combat 18" was in Searchlight, and to the best of my knowledge the formation of an actual, short-lived group of that name followed on the Searchlight articles, at first almost as a practical joke on Gable by the Sargent brothers. The closest approach to truth here was when I let "the lads" use my North Carolina post office box as a mail drop for about six months back in 1993, during which time it was publicized on the British television shows "World in Action" and "Panorama". I was happy to lend them this assistance, but after a short time they made their own arrangements and there was no longer any need for my services. The "I.R.A." allegation is rubbish; I am an American and a Protestant and a racial nationalist, and they would almost certainly murder me if I ever attempted to return to Ireland. I have in fact been threatened in the I.R.A. newspaper An Phoblacht. >6. Have you ever had any experiences with some of the various watchdog >groups (e.g., Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Political >Research Associates)? > At one time or another, I have been personally attacked in various private poop sheets put out by just about all of them, including the repulsive Bill "Father Trendy" Wassmuth. >7. To your knowledge, has the U.S. government ever taken an interest in >you? > Repeatedly. When I arrived back from Rhodesia in 1976 I was met at the airport and interrogated by the FBI for having served in the Rhodesian Army, to whom I extended an elevated second digit. During my wild and woolly Raleigh days I was rousted on a number of occasions by one Special Agent Richard Goldberg, who was in charge of the "Nazi desk" for that Federal judicial district. In August of 1981, when I was living in Charleston, SC, I applied for the renewal of my U. S. passport and it was hand delivered to my apartment by Mr. Goldberg and BATF Agent Bernard Butkovich, who strongly suggested I make use of it in view of the upcoming Greensboro grand jury. Goldberg told me, "Harold, we can get you any time we want to. We get an anonymous tip, we come into your apartment when you're not there, we find the drugs or grenades or whatever we're looking for, and then you're off up to Columbia and that night I slip some bullpen nigger a carton of cigarettes and you get shanked in the shower. We do it all the time." I defied them and did not depart for my European travels until March of 1982, and even then more out of simple boredom and wanderlust than anything else. My last encounter with the Feds was having my 1998 income tax return audited, thanks to an "anonymous" tip the source of which I think we can guess. I ended up having to pay an extra $15.00. >8. Quite a bit of dissension seems to follow you in the far right milieu. Not at all. The vast majority of the "far right milieu" have little if any idea that I even exist. Tom Metzger and William L. Pierce do not constitute the whole "far right milieu" or even any statistically or politically significant section of it. >For example, you have feuded with several figure and organizations including >Frank Collin, Benny Klassen and the Church of the Creator, Tom Metzger, and >the National Alliance. This may sound ingenuous, but once again, this assertion is incorrect. THEY have feuded. I have publicly discussed factual and documented incidents and practices on their part which they did not wish publicly discussed, and that is the plain and simple truth of the matter. The moral and semantic difference is quite apparent to anyone of even average intelligence who cares to examine the matter. >Again, some of your detractors assert that you are >an agent provocateur who deliberately sets out to create a lot of dissension >and divide the movement. How do you respond to such allegations? > They call me an agent provocateur, with no evidence whatsoever to support their allegations. I call them fools, incompetents, liars, thieves, perverts, and traitors to the cause that they serve, with voluminous evidence ranging from Frank Collin's seven year prison sentence for child molestation to the statement of Chip Myers about his nights of wild-eyed bungholery with Benny, to the Pierce/Buchanan debacle which took place only yesterday. For all anybody gives a flying fornication. >9. In a recent newsletter you offered an olive branch of sorts seeking to >mend fences with others in the movement. How has this been received? > I was unaware that I was offering olive branches to anyone. ???? >10. Do you have any strategy or plans for the future? > > I plan to do my utmost, until the day of my death, to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

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