In 1993, the current writer published documentation on the previous incarnation of Sonia Gable, the fourth wife of Searchlight head honcho Gerry Gable. The daughter of a Jewish father and a Gentile mother, Sonia Hochfelder led a rather strange political career for someone of her heritage before becoming a dedicated “anti-fascist”. As well as being a fairly important member of the National Front, she contributed articles to League Review, the theoretical journal of the League of Saint George, an organisation Gable himself has branded Nazi.

Faced with this embarrassing revelation, Mrs and Mr Gable came up with the cock and bull story that she had not really been a Nazi or “Fascist” but was in reality a Searchlight “mole”, who was handled by Searchlight's then controller, Maurice Ludmer. (Rumour has it that he wasn't the only person who handled her; Sweet Sonia was very “popular” with certain leading members of the National Front).

The truth though is that far from being any sort of mole or spy, the young Sonia Hochfelder was a dedicated racial-nationalist who made no secret of her Jewish origins during her time in the far right as is evinced by the attached scan.

One should not hold this against her, we all make mistakes, especially when we are young, but what should be held against both Mrs and especially Mr Gable is the inherent dishonesty not only of this claim but of the entire Searchlight Organisation since its inception.

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