The Price Of Tolerance –
Why You Should Not Donate Money To The Friends Of “Searchlight”

Hello boys and girls, or perhaps that should be goys and girls, goyim and girls? How would you like to donate to a worthy cause, fight hate and promote hope? If so, why not join the Friends Of Searchlight?

Well, here’s one reason, because the money you donate to this perfidious organisation could well go into the pockets of libel lawyers, or worse, just plain crooks.

See the picture below? That is a scan of a cheque that was paid out on behalf of Searchlight in 2004. Notice the name on the cheque, McGoldricks? This firm no longer exists, because the man who founded it is currently serving a ten year gaol sentence. In February 2008, Thomas McGoldrick was convicted of stealing over a million pounds from his clients, including a man named Keith Anderson. Mr Anderson had been left paralysed after a road accident. McGoldrick plundered his compensation to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

By the way, Keith Anderson is black, which proves there really are some things that are worse than racism, like spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair, and being ripped off by a lowlife shyster to boot.

But why you ask, was this money paid to McGoldricks in the first place? Because Searchlight is first and foremost a grossly defamatory magazine which has libelled countless people over the years.

In December 1995, Searchlight’s European Editor Graeme Atkinson published an essay in which inter alia he accused Libertarian Mark Taha of being a paedophile. Fortunately for Atkinson, this article was published beyond the jurisdiction of Britain’s civil courts, just as fortunately for Atkinson and the Gable gang, most of the people their hatesheet has attacked over the years have not been in the position to defend their reputations in court, but occasionally it has bitten off more than it can chew, most notably when it was sued successfully by the late Morris Riley. And also by myself and Mark Taha when it accused us of all manner of crimes. Crimes in which the police showed profound disinterest.

For years, Searchlight has made a comfortable living out of peddling the BNP menace; now that organisation is in decline, it will be looking around for another one. The English Defence League perhaps? Or maybe a resurgent Column 88? Heck, does anyone remember Column 88? The Nazi underground that was said to have hundreds of members and to be prepared to bomb and burn as part of its plot to take over the country?

Then there was the Notting Hill Carnival bomb plot – which was incited by Searchlight agent provocateur Ray Hill. And for those who have really long memories, there was the Mesifta Talmudical College fire, the non-existent crime that Gerry Gable claimed repeatedly to have solved. It was only last year, after I had spent fifteen years exposing this damned lie, that he was forced to admit he knew nothing about it, when he was questioned by the police.

Like I said, with the eclipse of the BNP, Searchlight will be looking around for another meal ticket, so expect to be reading a few scare stories about the mythical fascist menace, but don’t give this gang of con men and fantasists the time of day. If you are tempted to read their magazine, do so on the web for free. But free or not, caveat emptor!

One other thing, if you really want to donate money to a genuine, anti-fascist cause, click on the link below:

Yes, Mr Baron, I want to donate my hard earned shekels to a genuine anti-fascist organisation.

Please take me there.

Alexander Baron,

October 26, 2010

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