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The following two comments - one lengthy, one brief - reproduced here verbatim, were downloaded from the following url:


I offer them here for what they are worth; either or both are probably just as valid as anything that has been written about Hepple by O’Hara, Gable, or anyone associated with either of them.

The Real Tim Hepple

16.09.2002 13:40

It’s a pity that people can’t get their facts right, isn’t it? For a start, it is well known that Tim Hepple has been living in Northern England for nine years non-stop, is married with two children and makes no secret of his previous activities, such as they were.
Despite ridiculous claims about him working for MI5 and god knows who else, this is baseless, just a conspiracy theory. Larry O’Hara has him working for MI5 from 1986, when he was 19. Don’t think so!
Psychotic? Not really. He certainly witnessed some violence by C18 and was certainly involved in the odd ruck, but that doesn’t make him psychotic. He has not been arrested - luck more than design - has no criminal record and the business with Green Anarchist came about because of a well-dead friendship with Steve Booth. They worked together on anti-Poll Tax matters circa 1990 and after Booth became a leading light in the Anarchist movement and wrote his book City Death, Hepple moved on. Soon after, he won a place on a music degree course at Lancaster University, which he passed with flying colours in July 1994.
Deciding to milk their knowledge of Hepple’s limited activities, Booth and O’Hara had produced a series of meaningless and erroneous hit-lists based upon a couple of short conversations with Booth made over a bacon sandwich at Booth’s house in Galgate, Lancaster. It was tittle tattle at best. Booth would get a name, write it down and then try and match it public access records like Directory Enquiries. This was the genesis for O’Hara’s fake claims of setting people up. The truth has never come out, even though the material was written by Booth, with O’Hara’s support, based upon information gleaned from the reference Library at Lancaster University, where Booth studied Philosophy!
Hepple’s not been involved in anything “radical” political since 1993 although his interest in the Paranormal is well-documented. He is well known as having voted Conservative last time around, which I can’t agree with!
Ironically, what is little known and not talked about is that the Searchlight booklet “At War” was based upon notes (notes, nothing more) written by him and published without his permission. He engaged the services of a well-known Liverpool law firm to take Searchlight to court in 1993 but had no money to continue the case. So much for vast amounts of “MI5 money”. Doesn’t sound like the actions of a govt agent, now does it?
He regards all political extremists with contempt and has no involvement with politics beyond signing the odd petition as far as I can tell.
Anyone suggesting he’s ever been to Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else exotic is simply bonkers. It beggars belief that seemingly sensible people can continue to make things up NINE years after the storm in a teacup is alleged to have taken place.
Sure, Searchlight is bound to have links to the state. What are they supposed to do? Wait for the vanguard of the left to work out who the few nutty C18 bombers are before calling a “mass demo” outside their explosives factory? What do you think would happen if Gable told the SB or MI5 to take a running jump? Gable and friends could be in legal hot water if it was discovered that they had info that could help the police with their enquiries and hadn’t passed it on. And I’m sure Searchlight, despite its many questionable moments, has stopped some of you being attacked or targetted.
As Hepple probably realised - this is an imperfect world where political theories tend to obscure, rather than expose, the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice if you people cold get your facts right and do some elementary research before making bizarre claims. Then again, pigs might fly.
I came across this site after a tip-off and despite its interesting content, there is some real nonsense being spouted here. I’ve met Hepple several times at Conferences and I’ve met his wife and lovely children. To suggest he’s anything other than honest and genuine guy is a mistake. As usual, politicos will believe anything they are told, in complete ignorance of the fact and personalities involved.
Many thanks,
Dan Marcus.

PS - It should be obvious that the information I supplied above was based on conversations with Tim Hepple. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction.

Dan Marcus

Current whereabouts of Tim Hepple

22.12.2003 18:09

Tim Hepple is now living somewhere in the North-East of England. He ran out on his wife (who’s now divorced him) and his young kids after finding he could lord it over a naive linedancer without the inconvenience of the responsibility of fatherhood. He’s a very screwed-up individual.

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