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A severely edited version of this letter was published in The Big Issue, April 24-30, 1995.

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April 10, 1995


Re your feature on Larry O'Hara in last week's issue, while it is 
heartening to see someone leaping to the defence of this latter 
day Don Quixote, this article contains a number of palpable 
errors. Although it is true that Mr O'Hara does accuse all and 
sundry of working for MI5 - including, I am informed, myself - it 
is not true that everybody is out to get him, only Searchlight. 
Mr O'Hara may well have been burgled three times in the past two 
years, but when I was burgled in January of last year I was 
informed that the police had dealt with over 200 burglaries in 
the area since Christmas, so he is hardly unique. I have three 
friends who have also been burgled recently, and as far as I 
know, none of them would be of any interest to MI5.

Robin Ramsay, editor of the highly respected Lobster (the real 
Lobster as opposed to the pseudo-Lobster), is spot on with his 
analysis of O'Hara's latest effort: it is indeed highly specula-
tive rubbish.

The claim that Mr O'Hara is a target for the far right is simply 
not true, rather, the far right have been plugging his work 
heavily on account of his attacking Searchlight, but even here he 
is wrong. O'Hara's claim that Searchlight is some sort of front 
for MI5 is not borne out by the facts, indeed, what evidence 
there is suggests that these arch-liars and pseudo-anti-fascists 
have done their best to lead both MI5 and Special Branch up the 
garden path over the years. Since 1975 the magazine has exposed 
one long series of "Nazi conspiracies" after another, including a 
supposed plot to bomb the 1981 Notting Hill carnival, which the 
police totally ignored. In 1976 the magazine was branded scurri-
lous and disreputable by a Stipendiary magistrate after it li-
belled the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan, accusing him of 
being behind a series of arson attacks against London synagogues 
in the 1960s. Notwithstanding that, the magazine's controllers 
have claimed several times since then that the actual arsonists 
were a) brought to book by the Searchlight Organisation; and b) 
that a young Jewish student was killed in one of the attacks - a 
wicked lie and one which cynically exploits the suffering of 
Jewish people, whom this "anti-fascist" magazine claims to be 

I can't say too much here because I am in litigation with the 
magazine's publisher, but what O'Hara does have to worry about is 
the very real possibility of his being the victim of a hammer 
attack by (hired) thugs. This appears to be an occupational 
hazard for anyone who is defamed by this magazine, as both myself 
and at least three other people can testify.

Yours sincerely,
A Baron

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