The “Searchlight” Hate Quiz

Welcome to the Searchlight hate quiz. To test your knowledge of racial hatred and Zionist-inspired subversion, please answer the following questions.

1) Who is best remembered as an opponent of vivisection and an abstemious vegetarian who loved children and animals? Was it: a) Maurice Ludmer, former editor of Searchlight? b) Adolf Hitler? c) Karl Marx?

2) In 1984, an obituary appeared in a political magazine for a sordid pimp, homosexual paedophile and thug. This vile creature was a friend of: a) John Tyndall, b) Harvey Proctor? c) Gerry Gable?

3) Which publication refers to Black Separatist Louis Farrakhan as a worm, and its political opponents as lice? Is it: a) Spearhead? b) The Truth At Last? c) Searchlight?

4) What fantasist claimed an attempt had been made to recruit him by Bulgarian Intelligence? Was it: a) Tony Malski? b) Walter Mitty? c) Graeme Atkinson?

5) A convicted arsonist, a self-confessed synagogue desecrator and an alcoholic have been associated with which magazine over the years: a) Spearhead? b) Green Anarchist? c) Searchlight?

6) Who said “I have never regarded the Chinese or the Japanese as being inferior to ourselves. They belong to ancient civilizations, and I freely admit that their past history is superior to our own.” Was it: a) Ray Hill? b) Adolf Hitler? c) Gerry Gable?

7) Who is the most notorious war criminal of World War II still at large. Is it: a) Martin Bormann? b) Rudolf Hess? c) Yitzhak Shamir?

8) In January 1983, a well known political activist published a cartoon which upset the unregistered agents of the Israeli government who referred this individual to the Attorney General. Was this person: a) Lady Birdwood? b) Martin Webster? c) Ken Livingstone?

9) Who wrote: “To me the black man is more of an animal - only marginally human.” Was it: a) Ray Hill? b) Dillibe Onyeama? c) David Duke?

10) Who wrote: “The enemies of the White Race operate on an international scale and will continue to dictate to us if we fight amongst ourselves.” Was it: a) Charlie Sargent? b) Ray Edmunds? c) Sonia Gable?

11) Which Jewish “anti-fascist” has been outspoken in his criticism of Israeli fascism? Is it a: Gerry Gable? b) Greville Janner? c) Tony Greenstein?

12) Who smeared a well-known Jewish “anti-fascist” as a self-hating Jew for condemning Zionist atrocities? Was it: a) John Tyndall b) Daphne Liddle c) Gerry Gable.


1) Adolf Hitler.
2) Gerry Gable. Who else?
3) Searchlight, of course. Issue 158, page 5, “FARRAKHAN OF WORMS”; issue 215, page 12, “The BNP, the political lice on the British democratic body...”
4) Graeme Atkinson, Searchlight's European editor.
5) Searchlight: Manny Carpel, jailed for two and a half years in 1981; Ray Hill, who made this admission to the News of the World in March 1984; Dave Roberts, Searchlight's first “mole”.
6) Adolf Hitler, who, contrary to Zionist-inspired hate propaganda, was no White Supremacist, and only hated Jews. Probably because he had a bad experience with one or two of Searchlight's predecessors. No member of the Searchlight staff would have made such a statement because they hate all races. Bar one.
7) Yitzhak Shamir.
8) Ken Livingstone. He published a cartoon of mass murderer Menachem Begin in his newspaper Labour Herald. It depicted Begin as a Nazi, and the Board of Deputies of “British” Jews considered this an incitement to racial hatred. It's a wonder the British Movement didn't complain instead.
9) Black author Dillebe Onyeama, although Ray Hill shares the sentiment, no doubt.
10) Mrs Sonia Gable in her previous incarnation of Sonia Hochfelder.
11) Tony Greenstein. Even fanatical Zionist Greville Janner has occasionally spoken out against Zionist atrocities, to his credit; Gable on the other hand has never so much as raised his voice, because Zionist atrocities don't count for him.
12) Gerry Gable. He attacked Tony Greenstein.

Published by Brixton Black People's Truth In Media Campaign and distributed in the UK by Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. And you if you care to photocopy it.

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