Before you smote upon my door
Make sure you know who lurks inside,
Tonight Iíll answer to a whore,
But only if Iím Mr Hyde.

So if youíre wearing common scents,
Fishnet tights and stiletto heels,
Donít give the good doctor offence
By proferring your shady deals.

If on the other hand youíre dressed
In virgin white, chaste as a nun,
Youíll leave this place sorely distressed
At Mr Hydeís idea of fun.

The only thing you have to do
Before you dare to turn the key
Is ascertain for certain who
It is that you have come to see.

But thereís no point your asking me
Whoís there, I cannot answer you,
Itís not that I donít want to, see,
Itís just I havenít got a clue.

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