Letter To Socialist Worker
Re Police Racism

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March 17, 2002


In your latest issue you claim that blacks are now seven times 
more likely to be stopped and searched by the police than whites. 
This is typical of the mindless spouting of self-serving statis-
tics by the left and further proof that figures don't lie but 
liars can figure. Stop and search is directed largely at street 
crime, which is carried out largely by able bodied young men, and 
in the inner cities the overwhelming majority of such "muggings" 
are carried out by young black men. The police would be as brain-
dead as you and the bulk of your readers if in the interests of a 
mythical and unattainable "racial balance" they were to stop an 
equal percentage of elderly white women. If you really want to 
make the streets of Britain a safer place for the likes of Dami-
lola Taylor to walk I suggest you take your head out of your anus 
and follow the lead of the editor of the Voice.

Solidarity comrade,
A Baron

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