To (Rotten) Al Davis

Alas, in short Iíll bid thee, Al, adieu,
Four days and less until Iím gone from here;
Iíd like to say Iím mighty fond of you,
Despite your snide remarks that Iím a queer.
Also, despite your ugly, scabby face,
Your deprecation of my verse and rhyme,
Your crass insinuation that your race,
(You filthy kike), is worthier than mine.
Your slagging off Al Stewart: heís my God!
Your elevation of Rob Zimmerman,
Your tasteless wit: youíre such a sarcy sod,
But still Iím fond of you, oh yes I am.
Perhaps weíll meet again one day, old loon.
But if we never do, thatís still too soon.

March 9, 1985

[See also Rotten Al Davis.]

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