Recipé For Dodo Soup

Itís easy to pluck a dodo,
Easy to remove the giblets, bone it and dice it,
The base isnít too difficult either,
Just bung in any vegetables you like and give it a good stir, basically,
If itís too thick, water it down a bit,
If itís too thin, add another potato.

The meat should be given a quick turn in the pan
With a little butter,
Get the fire reasonably hot, but donít brown it too much,
And cooking it couldnít be simpler,
Transfer the meat to the saucepan,
Boil it a good three quarters of an hour at least,
After that, simmer to taste,
Dead easy really, making dodo soup.

Catching it is a cinch too,
Itís so bloody stupid you wonít even have to chase it,
Most of the time itíll waddle right up to you out of curiosity and ogle you.
Catching it is probably the easiest thing of all,
But finding it in the first place...thatís the really difficult part.

[Originally published in VIRIDIAN.]

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