Jimmy, guess who died yesterday.

Iíve no idea.

Go on, guess.

Give us a clue.

All right. He was very old.

Very old?

A hundred and five.

Er, Bernie Hayes, the jazz guitarist.


Sugar Ray Thompson, the boxer.

No, heís only eighty-eight.

Greg Mitchell, the film producer.

No, he died four or five years ago.

Did he?


I didnít know that.

Go on.

I give up.

Go on. guess.

I canít. I give up. Who?

George Fitzwilliam Beaumont-Clark.


George Fitzwilliam Beaumont-Clark.

Who was he?


I canít. I donít wanna keep playing your silly guessing games.

Go on. Just for a laugh.

Er, an actor.


A wrestler?

What, with a name like that?

An industrialist?


I give up then.

No idea at all?

No idea at all.

Shame on you.

Well, who was he then?

George Fitzwilliam Beaumont-Clark was the last living white man.

Oh, I thought heíd have been someone important with a grand sounding name like that.

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