Exploding The “Psychic Detective” Myth

To Dennis Bardens, who believes in keeping an open mind. But never so open that his brains fall out.

To The Reader

It was my original intention some time ago to research and publish a three part book on psychic detectives. However, two factors conspired to stop me. One was that, not being an academic like “parapsychologist” Richard Broughton, (see Appendix), both funding to research such a book and a publisher to commission one would be next to impossible to find; sadly, it is easier by far to publish a book affirming the reality of psychic nonsense than one which makes a scientific enquiry into the existence of such phenomena. The other is that I became, not sidetracked exactly, but engrossed in researching other fields of disinformation. As a compromise, I decided to put together my researches in this field to date and publish them as a substantial pamphlet, in the (probably vain) hope that this will give me some leverage with a publisher in the not-too-distant future.

This publication is divided into two parts: Part One is an analysis of how the psychic detective myth is perpetuated; Part Two is an examination of the strongest case for the existence of such creatures. (I have also included as an appendix a brief review of a book on parapsychology written by an “expert” in the field). I hope this pamphlet will prove of some use to people researching in this and similar fields. Like all scientific and rational enquiries into the paranormal, this study proves for the Nth time the fallibility of human testimony, in particular that there are liars everywhere, and that even the most intelligent, the most perspicacious, and indeed the best of us, can be led up the garden path.

I could append a long list of credits, but I will settle for thanking Mark Taha for his continuing support, Mike Hutchinson, UK distributor for Prometheus Books, Brian Hilliard, Editor of Police Review and the people, mostly in America, who took the time and trouble to respond to my letters. I hope that they will not be too disappointed with this slim volume.

Finally, although every quote and reference has been checked, double checked and in some cases trebled checked by Mark and myself with our usual methodicalness and paranoia, the book The Blue Sense had to be returned through the Inter-Library Loan before I was entirely satisfied, so any errors in relation to this, as with anything else, are of course my own.

Alexander Baron

December 24, 1993.

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