Prayer For The Despairing

Dear Heart, donít cease to beat
Although youíre broke in two,
Time heals all wounds,
And one day soon
Youíll be as good as new.

Dear World, donít cease to turn
And leave me without Hope,
But make me tough,
So when itís rough
I will not life revoke.

Dear Dawn, donít cease to break,
And leave me to the Dark,
For Iím still young,
My lifeís not done,
Iíve still that vital spark.

Dear Life, donít fade away,
And you will not regret,
Though Death may clutch,
Ward off his touch,
For thereíll be good times yet.

Dear God, if you exist,
Give me strength to survive,
Though Iíve sinned
And now reap the wind
Please keep this soul alive.

Dear God, if you exist,
Pity me.

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