Song Of Polanski

She was thirteen and I was forty-four,
And it was thirty years back, even so,
I drugged and screwed a schoolgirl like a whore,
Now all good folk cry: Let my people go!

It may have been rape, but was not rape-rape,
So says my cookie Whoopie, I agree,
This sudden charge has left us all agape,
Why have these sick cunts got it in for me?

Donít they know Iím a Holocaust survivor?
Of sorts - that makes me special, donít you think?
And a great artist, not a low class skiver,
A man whose work takes art right to the brink.

Or could it be they hate me cos Iím famous?
Or maybe itís old-fashioned class warfare?
I fucked her in the mouth and up the anus,
But she forgave me - this just isnít fair.

I ainít no paedophile, I ainít no critter,
One law for us, and one for little folk,
You had your two cents worth with Gary Glitter,
Now leave me be - itís gone beyond a joke.

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