Queries From Two Students Re Gena And Norman Turgel

The two PDF files linked below are fairly self-explanatory; they were both received from students - ie schoolkids - the first in Canada, the second apparently in the United States (if the message header is anything to go by). I have anonymised them in accord with Internet protocol. I replied to both as I always do, but there was no further correspondence. I did not keep copies of my replies.

The second query relates only to contacting Gena Turgel, evil old witch that she is. I have no idea where she is, nor do I wish to know, but she is nearly as old as Vera Lynn, who turned 100 today. Her husband died awhile ago.

I have resisted the temptation to reformat the first missive.

To Query from Canada, 2003
To Query from USA, 2008

To UNANSWERED CORRESPONDENCE: Re The Lies Of Gena And Norman Turgel

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