TAKE YOUR CHOICE: Separation or Mongrelization by Theodore G. Bilbo

If you have arrived at this page from an internal link, please note that in my pamphlet ...The Man Who Invented “Racism”... and my later speech “Racism” And Brainwashing... I was referencing the 1980 Historical Review Press edition.

I still have my copy of this fine book somewhere, but rather than fish it out and scan the pages concerned I have added this cyber-edition which I found at the Internet Archive. As far as I can tell, it is a faithful copy of the 1980 edition, which in turn is a faithful copy of the original.

Although Senator Bilbo was denounced to High Heaven as a bigot, I beg to differ, and invite the honest reader to reach the same conclusion, namely that this honest work expounds the truth about the real race problem, and proposes a real solution. A solution your government and the masters of the media are determined you should never have the choice of making.

Click here to download the book.

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