Letter From Sean Gabb Re Shechita Barbaric?...


This letter needs some explaining; after a chance meeting with an anti-Zionist rabbi who approached me when I was running an unmentionable legal campaign, we decided to set up Anglo-Hebrew Publishing. The story of this misadventure has been related elsewhere, but two of my earliest publications on the Jewish Question - both of which were published on the ITMA Label - were A Goy Pries Into The “Talmud” and Shechita Barbaric?...

The first of these was a joint effort - in question and answer format with additional text written by Yours Truly. The second was “inspired” if that is the word, by my encounters with Arnold Leese, who was without question the most fanatical anti-Semite this country has ever produced. Leese was a distinguised veterinary surgeon; his book on the diseases of the one-humped camel - dromedary to you - was a standard work in India for half a century, so the guy was no mug. Unfortunately, wherever Jews were concerned, he lost the plot. I found his pamphlet The Legalised Cruelty of Shechita: “The Jewish Method of Cattle-Slaughter” hilarious beyond all meaning of the word.

When I published my response, I gave a copy to my friend Chris Tame, and thought no more of it. His reaction was to phone me and praise me to High Heaven. Then I received this letter from Sean, who appeared to believe it was an article, but whatever, he reviewed it most favourably in Free Life.

That being said, there is no pleasing some people; I could have understood Arnold Leese turning in his grave at the thought of it, but when in his defence to my libel action against him, Kosher pondlife Gerry Gable claimed the cartoons within were anti-Semitic...Like I said, there is no pleasing some people.

Either these cartoon are indeed anti-Semitic, and Sean Gabb is dumb, or they are not, and Gerry Gable is scum. Sean is of course no fool.

For the record, I found the artist who drew them through an advertisement in Loot; I can’t remember his name, but he’d placed an advertisement in the Jobs Wanted section, and when I phoned him and explained what it was I wanted, he was a bit wary, and said he didn’t want to produce anything that could be construed as anti-Semitic.

I sent him the manuscript and told him he had carte blanche. At some point I paid him £25, and that was the only contact we ever had.

Like I said, there is never any pleasing some people, and Gerry Gable is scum regardless.

The cartoons can be found at this link, so the reader may judge for himself.

Alexander Baron,

November 1, 2010

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