Although I have placed this press release in the OTHER CONTRIBUTORS section I wrote most of it myself, as far as I can remember. I have just found a note in my personal bibliography to the effect that it was mailed out on a double-sided sheet of A4 paper in May 1998. I received my copy in Brixton Prison on May 15. Two days prior to this I had sent out a handful of photocopies of the handwritten original (which is no longer extant).

The text contains a minor typo, it refers to “dismissed charges”; this should read “dismissed Charles”, but apart from that it was a creditable effort by someone who wished at the time to remain anonymous, but whom I can now identify as Troy Southgate.

In my life I have been unlucky in love, to put it mildy, but I realised sometime ago that true love, and comradeship especially, are things of the spirit which far transcend the at times shallow cominglings and intertwinings of men with women. It is when we are at our lowest ebb that we find out who our true friends are, and it is just as often the people we would have thought least likely. For a period of ten years and more I suffered intermittent low level, and at times not so low level harassment from corrupt police officers and their equally bent fellow travellers in the legal establishment. I am far from the only person who has experienced this of course, and far from the first to cry conspiracy, cries which are always ridiculed by the plotters, even as they are scheming the next stage of their nefarious plans.

Now, as I write these words in the small hours of Adolf Hitler’s one hundred and twentieth birthday, it looks like the truth is finally sinking in, not just with the broad mass of the public, but with the people who matter, and who can do something about it. Although it took the death of an innocent man to achieve this, the sacrifice of Ian Tomlinson will not have been in vain. This is something I thought I would never live to see.

The interested reader will find sundry references to the persecution I have suffered elsewhere on this website, and, if I live long enough, I will document the full, shocking extent of it. In the meantime I have other work to do.

I will say though that the support I have received over the years from Troy Southgate, Mark Taha, Morris Riley, Chris Tame, Sean Gabb, the Islamic Party Of Britain, and others, has not been unappreciated. Luv on all of yer.


April 20, 2009

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