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September 19, 2001

Dear Sirs,

Readers of "Searchlight" magazine have been asked to write to you 

in connection with the membership of Donald A. Martin. As a 

regular reader I am obliging them, although this is not the sort 

of letter they expect most of their readers to write.

According to "Searchlight", Mr Martin is a notorious anti-Semite, 

Holocaust "denier" and hatemonger. I have known Mr Martin person-

ally if slightly for ten years or so, and have corresponded with 

him for somewhat longer. I also know personally the publisher of 

"Searchlight" magazine, whom I sued successfully for libel, and I 

am, in all modesty, the world's leading dissenting authority on 

the Searchlight Organisation, so my words should carry some 


The claim that Mr Martin is an anti-Semite is based largely on 

his stocking a mystical tract known as "The Protocols Of The 

Learned Elders Of Zion". This curious document, which is virtual-

ly unreadable, ranks alongside "Mein Kampf" and "The Internation-

al Jew" as the "Bible" of the Anti-Semitic Internationale.

What "Searchlight" is rather coy about however is the fact that 

Mr Martin as a political bookseller, distributor and publisher 

stocks a wide range of books and other publications. Some of 

these are anti-Jewish, some are pro-Jewish, some are by Jewish 

authors, and a great many have nothing whatsoever to do with 

Judaism, Zionism or the so-called Jewish Question. Way back in 

the 1980s I purchased, among others, a book called "Wall Street 

And The Rise Of Hitler" from Mr Martin. The author of this book, 

Professor Antony C. Sutton, is rather vociferous in his denuncia-

tion of the Nazis. The fact that a distributor stocks a book does 

not necessarily mean that he endorses its contents, although he 

may be held personally liable for any defamatory material that 

appears therein, as a number of distributors of "Searchlight" 

magazine have discovered to their cost.

In my personal experience of Mr Martin he is not an anti-Semite 

in any meaningful sense of the word, ie he does not hate Jews, or 

incite violence against them or intolerance of them. That does 

not mean that he is not vehemently opposed to certain practices 

engaged in by some Jews - shooting Palestinian schoolchildren for 

example - but many Jews are also opposed to this practice, al-

though I doubt if this includes the publisher of "Searchlight", 

Gerry Gable, who boasted to the "Jewish Chronicle" in October 

1987 that one of his sons was serving in the Israeli Army.

The claim that Mr Martin is a Holocaust "denier" is also non-

sense; no one in his right mind denies the Holocaust, although no 

one in his right mind takes at face value all the lurid and 

perverted claims that have been made about this particular his-

torical incident, although only the brave will admit it.

I suspect however that the real reason Mr Martin has been singled 

out for this hate campaign by "Searchlight" is because of his 

involvement in the financial reform movement. Mr Martin is a 

Social Crediter, as am I.

Now that you have heard a bit about Mr Martin, perhaps you would 

like to hear a bit about his accusers. The man who is making the 

most noise about Mr Martin is "Searchlight's" editor, Steve 

Silver, who is Jewish. So too I believe is his co-editor, Nick 

Lowles (alias Laurence King). While there is of course nothing 

wrong with being Jewish, most people might be curious to learn 

that Mr Lowles is by his own admission a fully paid up member of 

the British National Party. Other people with close and at times 

bizarre connections with the far right are also linked to 


One-time "Searchlight" columnist Ray Hill was also a member of 

the British National Party. In February of last year, Mr Hill 

appeared alongside Mr Gable in a libel action at the High Court. 

This action was brought by the late Morris Riley. Mr Riley won 

the case against Messrs Gable and Hill and Searchlight Magazine 

Limited; details of this and other successful legal actions 

against Mr Gable can be found on my website:

For the record, Mr Hill is also a thrice convicted thug, an 

unreconstructed anti-Semite, and a self-confessed synagogue 


Another leading member of the Searchlight team is Mrs Sonia 

Gable, nee Hochfelder, who in the late seventies was a leading 

member of the National Front. Nowadays Mr Gable claims that his 

wife was some sort of undercover agent, though anyone who has 

studied the contemporaneous documentation will realise that claim 

is not tenable. I am sure you will agree with me that for a 

largely Jewish "anti-fascist" magazine, "Searchlight's" team 

members have some bizarre antecedents.

I am sure too that you will not allow liars, hatemongers and 

hypocrites like Mr Silver and Mr Gable and their gang to intimi-

date you into expelling Mr Martin from the Campaign for an Inde-

pendent Britain.

Yours sincerely,

A Baron

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