On Conspiracy Theories And
The Ultra-Left

The Left laugh at conspiracy theories
Of the Hitlerphile, Nationalist Right,
Though they raise but a handful of queries
Which with parrot-like zeal they recite.

For they trace most of them to the Russians
And the Protocols (written by Nilus?),
Which in turn was a ploy of the Prussians
For the Holocaust, hence they revile us.

There is also the field of eugenics
Which they claim is a science without future,
They would rather we practice dysgenics,
For the mixing of races they nurture.

Theyíve a claim that the science is deriven
From the Nazisí Race Hygiene Bureau,
Whose atrocities canít be forgiven,
And whose benefits we must forgo.

Theyíve no time for fighting the bankers,
Use their cudgels instead on the bosses,
Stir up strikes and industrial chancres,
Which result in increasing job losses.

When it comes to whatís called race relations,
Itís the blacks who are being held down,
Both in Britain and in their own nations;
White South Africans meet with a frown.

We are told the contemporary causes
Of the blacks being squashed and depressed,
Can be traced to colonial forces
Which, developing nations, oppressed.

Add to this the suppression of women,
Which is why there are few in high places,
Not the obvious reason: theyíre dim in
Academic and politics races.

And it seems thereís a movement in Britain
Of the male dominated elite,
To keep Woman as tame as a kitten,
And the Black kissing White Bossís feet.

Itís a movement which stereotyping
Has contributed to quite a lot,
Add to this the quite crass mega-hyping
Of the Tory press, and itís a plot!

Yes they laugh at conspiracy theories
Do the Left, though itís rather well-known
That their laughter is hollow, their fear is
That the Rightís are as good as their own.

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