Ode To The Sun

First God and only, you will be the last,
You are the future as you were the past,
When Man evolved, this simple fact he knew,
But as his vanity and learning grew
So did his superstition and taboo,
For how long has he turned his back on you!

Now Man bows down to graven images:
The Virgin and the Buddha, and he is
So deeply absorbed with his own import
That he forgets without you heíd be naught,
For Man exists by Providence Divine,
A Providence reflected in your shine.

Right at the start, before your wondrous light,
A nebula swirled in the Cosmic night,
Swirled faster and condensed to fuse a spark
Which lit another candle in the dark,
One of a countless, shimmering array
Which Man refers to as the Milky Way.

Through untold aeons did the planets cool,
And in a meek surrender to your rule
Took up their orbits round their parent Sun,
And thus the Solar System was begun;
Eventually our Mother Earth became
The first (and only?) nurtured by your flame.

Primaeval seas were rained wherein your rays
Bombarded with an ultra-violet braze
The ocean soup, and brought forth DNA,
Self-replicating acids which one day
Would spawn a consciousness which made them climb
On four, then two legs from their womb of slime.

When little more than ape did early man
Descending from the trees turn to the land
To farm and harvest fruits of Mother Earth,
He realised that the world for all its girth
And bounteousness was nothing fail your light,
Thus evil was consigned to dark and night.

The first men built you monuments, and prayed
That drought and ice when visited would fade
With fleeting moment, and made sacrifice
In order to appease you and entice
Your golden rays to sow the seed of life
With plenty, to abolish want and strife.

Then came the deities, and soon the church
Of every false god claimed a niche or perch
Within the social order, high and low,
But deities and spirits come and go,
And though they last a million years with Man,
None have, nor will, nor could, outwear your span.

For when Manís time has come, as come it must,
His Buddhas and Madonnas turn to dust,
When Yahweh, Allah and Jehovah seem
To shrink and vanish with the final meme,
They will in actuality have done,
But still there will remain and shine: the Sun!

Shine on! Shine on! Bring heat and light to all,
Praise God for Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall,
Praise him too that the tree of life is grown,
For every seed thatís sown and wind thatís blown.
Praise God above who rules the Earth and sea,
For He is real, not myth and fantasy.

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