Ode To Absent Friends

I didnít see you at the wedding, Mick,
Iím sure the Prince would have invited you,
But for a certain little junkie prick,
That and youíre having better things to do,

Like reading up on Buddhism and braille,
And listening to the song of Alpha Wing
As of a night time, you to no avail
Attempt to do that meditation thing.

You didnít miss a lot, though it was grand,
Too many screaming Yanks and folk outside,
And though it went like clockwork as was planned,
I only went along there for the ride.

Well, actually I watched it on TV,
Iíve never been a very social type,
Iíd rather be as busy as a bee
With surfing and a lot of stuff to type,

Like chasing up those photo-men for you,
In case (that prick) McDonald donít come through!

April 29, 2011

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