Ode To Prometheus

Just got the latest Skeptical Inquirer,
O, o, itís still so hard to be a Jew!
That Geller may have many an admirer,
But now his ill-earned wealth has come to you.

This legal rulingís left him in a fury,
And so it should, you lying scumbag, Geller,
The nonsense peddled by the youthful Uri
Would put to shame that Kit Hart story teller.

I guess now youíll be called anti-Semitic
For daring to denounce his Yiddish lies,
But Gentile and Jew should commend thee, critic,
Your perseverance opened up their eyes.

Or did it, because in a month or two
When your court judgment has been long forgotten,
Heíll be at it again, the wily Jew,
The press and TV really are that rotten.

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