Ode To The Great White Bigot

Hi there stupid, my name is Satpal Ram,
I got life cos I killed in self-defence,
Thatís what I always say, though itís a sham,
But liberal whites have got no common sense.

I stabbed my victim three times in the back,
The press all know my claim is total shite,
But all you need do if youíre brown or black
Is shout Racist!í and itíll be all right.

My name is O.J., handy with a knife,
I left clues that led right back to the crime
When I stuck Goldman and my faithless wife,
I thought ďOh shit, now Iíll do heavy timeĒ.

But my attorney read a different book,
Cry Racist! he said, when youíre in the dock,
I did, and Fuhrman got me off the hook;
Was my acquittal really such a shock?

Comrade Mugabe is my name, and I
Brought white rule to an end, and now Iím boss,
Iíve stayed in power decades as Iím sly
And kill and torture everyone I cross.

Zimbabwe is now in a shocking state,
But thatís not the fault of my evil ways,
Itís Britain that my countrymen should hate,
And Blair, Brown and their ďCabinet of gaysĒ.

The Asians are evicted from Uganda,
A major famineís sweeping through the South,
A holocaust is raging in Rwanda,
íTwas Whitey took the bread out of my mouth.

And when I took my rifle and machete,
And shot and hacked my brothers black to death,
With broken bodies falling like confetti,
Itís Whitey made them draw their final breath.

Itís all the fault of hatred and racism,
The legacy of slavery appalls,
Whatever crime, flaw or fanaticism
My race inflicts, I havenít got the balls

To face up to the fact that Whitey never,
Put the gun in my hand and made me kill;
The racist bigots say Iím thick, not clever,
That must be true, for I possess free will.

[Dedicated to Jamal, and all the other braindeads on BarfiCulture.com.]

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