Ode To Desperate Dan

Oy vay, oy vay, oy vay, it’s Danny Keren:
“I’ve got a PhD,” the fellow said;
“Unlike that loony anti-Semite Beren;
The dummy’s obviously off his head.

“For how can he dispute the Causty Holly?
(The evidence is clearly understood),
The mere suggestion is a Nazi folly;
I’ve seen the proof, ’twas filmed by Hollywood!

“That Baron’s very clever, he denounces
The Protocols as Tsarist-sponsored lies;
The calumnies of Mike Hoffman he trounces,
But he’s still anti-Jewish in my eyes.”

Oy vay, oy vay, oy vay, it’s Mazal Harry:
“Wait till October twenty-second comes;
That Baron has a heavy load to carry,
But that will trash that worst of Nazi bums.”

Alas, it’s now the middle of November,
And Baron’s still around with lots of cash,
His promises, Mad Mazal can’t remember,
He’s long since started spouting other trash.

Now here’s an honest fellow, if misguided,
He’s from Virginia, and his name is Stein,
“You stupid fool!” by Keren he’s derided,
“You can’t debate with nuts and Nazi swine!”

Then there’s a young philosopher, a student,
A Jew Boy who goes by the name of Josh,
“Your textual analysis impudent,
Like all your Nazi rhetoric, won’t wash!”

And then there’s Jamie with his special pleading,
A more myopic goy could one behold?
I doubt it - I can see his poor heart bleeding,
With shrill insistence, Zion’s lies are sold.

“Oy vay, oy vay, oy vay”, says Keren Danny,
“You can’t refute the claims of Kitty Hart,
I know her tale’s a right load of old fanny,
But she’s a Jew - her lies don’t count, you fart!”

SS man Wagner threw babes in the oven,
The ones who weren’t killed off with cyanide,
From such hogwash the Holocaust is woven,
“How could you question if six million died?”

This alt.revisionism is so witty,
Where truth plays second fiddle to delusion,
The poor Jews suffered so much - show them pity,
And don’t destroy their martyred folk illusion.

And then there is Professor Deborah Lipstadt:
“These evil people talk a load of shite!
There’s no debate with Harwood, Butz and Grimstad;
There’s no debate!” she screams. She may be right.

For even though she may discredit Leuchter,
Her argument is anything but won,
And since his Zundel-financed reconnoitre
There’s further damage clearly has been done.

A fellow by the name of Ball reported
On photographs of fields and burning pits,
“All lies!” the legend’s guardians retorted,
But what of the gas chamber in Ausch-witz?

They’ve now admitted it’s a “reconstruction”,
Piper told Cole (and also in L’Express),
Another decade, further deconstruction
Of war-time lies will filter through the press.

Another lie exposed - Yehuda Bauer:
“Jews turned to soap, whatever can I say?
’Twas a mistake!” How long ’fore Zyklon shower
And Einsatzgruppen tales go the same way?

Oy vay, oy vay, oy vay, poor Keren’s panic
Is obvious, I see it in his posts,
Now Baron is a messenger Satanic
Who haunts the newsgroup of six million ghosts.

The struggle against “anti-Semitism”
Is not a war ’gainst Nazi, fraud and crank,
But a racket whose blind fanaticism
Means privilege, and money in the bank.

The goyim queue up to do Zion’s bidding,
Condemn the evil Nazis’ racist creed;
“You say they have rights? Huh, you must be kidding;
Denounce these scum, destroy their Demon Seed!”

“I’m sure Al’s in cahoots with that Greg Raven,
And Bradley Smith (that awful little creep),
They’re holed up in some Nazi-sponsored haven,
Their dark deeds make my Yiddish Mamma weep.

“The Revisionists are intensely evil,
The worst anti-Semites I’ve ever known;
That Baron is a nasty little weevil!”
Dan sees everyone’s hate, except his own.

There’s no debate!” they cry, echoing Lipstadt,
“Not prior to Arthur Butz and never since,
Let Ernie Zundel wear his silly hard hat,
It’s ourselves, not him, we need to convince!”

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