Ode (1)

I hope you will not take unkind
What Iím about to say:
Itís not your body but your mind
That makes me act this way.

I must confess, youíve captured me
And put me in a whirl,
In fact, youíve quite enraptured me
As could no younger girl.

I like them blonde and not so bright,
Not smart and streaked with grey,
You sparkle in a different light,
And more appealing way.

Iím usually so cynical,
And donít believe in love,
But you and I arenít physical,
And yet I feel so moved.

We must be on a higher plane,
Like some nirvana thing,
Above mere sex, thatís so mundane,
And far less promising.

And anyway, I couldnít be
Your lover, not like that,
Because youíre far too old for me,
Too wrinkled and too fat.

íTis such a pity, for weíd thrive
Were fate not cruelly swung,
If you were only thirty-five,
And I were not so young.

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