The Nouveau Riche

I donít entirely dislike the new breed sir,
Many of them have a certain charm,
And some of them are very talented people;
Theyíre nowhere near as impolite
Or as egotistical as certain newspapers pretend,
And theyíre often big tippers,
But somehow most of them donít seem to have...
Whatís the word? Class? Or perhaps style?
Yes, they lack style...

The duke and his crowd are very much reserved,
They seem so natural all the time,
Nonchalant about everything,
Not just their wealth and high social standing.

The new breed though are often self-conscious,
And not a few of them
Exercise their power irresponsibly;
Itís probably because they havenít grown up
Surrounded by wealth and all its trappings.

They tend also to attract a lot of hangers-on,
Women in particular,
People with no innate talent themselves,
No charm, no claim to anything
Except that of sleeping with the rich and famous.

Like I said sir, I donít entirely dislike them,
Not as people, individuals,
But on the whole I much prefer the aristocracy,
Even though there has been
A noticeable deterioration (genetically) amongst them
Over the past three generations;
But I suppose the same could be said
Of the human race in general.
More coffee, sir?

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