No Tears For A Loser

The halcyon days are ended
As pleasure turns to pain,
Because you’ll never hold your lover in your arms again,
All you once defended
Forever lost and gone,
And all that’s left inside you is the will to carry on.

Just one tiny error,
One stupid, small mistake,
And suddenly the ground beneath your feet begins to shake,
Then the smell of terror
Is saturating you
Yet somehow, ’gainst o’erwhelming odds you struggle and come through.

At least, you do in body,
And partially in mind,
You’ll never understand how you could be so deaf and blind,
You’re standing in the lobby,
You want to leave a note,
But realise there are no words left to be written, or spoke’.

The train is in the station,
A minute till it leaves,
What does it matter what a loser feels, thinks or believes?
A secret destination,
Nobody says goodbye,
And no one sheds a tear for your departing, or a sigh.

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