NCROPA – Selected Membership Applications


Below are a few of the membership applications from the NCROPA file. The majority of its members were ordinary people, but here are a few ‘names’. As will be seen from the first document – David Webb’s post-it note – he found these of interest too.

Michael Darlow – TV producer.

Edward Goodman – who soon became David Webb’s right hand man.

Doreen Millington – sex magazine editor.

Mary Millington (1945-79) – model and porn actress; she was not related to Doreen Millington (above).

I sold the above to a private buyer in November 2014 for £100. He suggested it may not have actually been signed by Mary Millington. If you compare the writing with that of Doreen Millington, above, I would tend to agree. He said he was happy to acquire it anyway, so...

Dudley Moore (1935-2002) – actor and musician.
I sold the above on eBay in December 2014. For £2.00. Sigh.

John Mortimer (1923-2009) – barrister and author.

Jeremy Pender – founder of CREEP.

Gillian Rossiter – the actress Gillian Rossiter née Raine was at this time married to the actor Leonard Rossiter (1926-84).

David Sullivan – publisher.

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