A Note On NCROPA Headed Notepaper


NCROPA headed notepaper is fairly consistent, but here is a note concerning some of the headers you will find on this site supplemented with 12 images. David Webb wrote most – but not all – of the letters on NCROPA headed notepaper you will find here. He was a meticulous filer, and the NCROPA lever arch files, envelopes, etc, contain what appears to be copies of the entire out-tray correspondence. Some copies are on headed notepaper - like for example the second and seventh images below; others are on carbons. Sometimes there are both, or two or three copies. I have found here and there copies which differ slightly, so if there are two different copies in the file I have no way of telling which was actually sent.

NCROPA began life as the NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE REPEAL OF THE OBSCENE PUBLICATIONS ACTS then became the NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR THE REFORM OF THE OBSCENE PUBLICATIONS ACTS – again, compare images 2 and 7 below. At some point the reference to fighting sexual censorship was added. For whatever reason, the headers of the carbons are mostly imperfect or even somewhat mangled. The carbons themselves are of various colours, but mostly pink. Images (9) and (11) are both headers from a letter of January 14, 1997. Images (10) and (12) are the footers of the same letter – and the best copies possible.

NCROPA headed notepaper was blue, though copies in the files are often black, the originals being posted and photocopies retained. Some documents were faxed, which means the originals were left on file. David Webb started NCROPA before it was de rigueur to have a computer on every office desktop. NCROPA press releases were put together by the old-fashioned cut and paste method, ie manually, as can be seen with this example from February 1983. Occasionally I would find what appeared to be an original that had been signed. For example, a letter to Prism Press dated October 7, 1988 is signed in biro. It may be that such letters were signed twice, ie the original and the copy left on file. Some of the carbons scanned here are extremely faint, but I am afraid I have no control over this.













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