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Over the years, secular humanist David Webb wrote a number of articles and reports for The Freethinker. They are included here along with sundry other mentions related to NCROPA.

Romans Won—Whitehouse Nil by David Webb, May 1982
The above article was published in The Freethinker. I found a very poor photocopy in the file, but David Webb also had a large pile of issues of the magazine in his apartment; this was scanned from one of those.
The Freethinker, March 1983
“Persons Against Repression Against Persons” by David Webb, published in The Freethinker, June 1983
PORNOGRAPHY AND LIBERTY by Brenda Able, published in The Freethinker, July 1983
The rest of the above letter is here; it is a response to the article by David Webb in the June 1983 issue
The Freethinker, July 1983
The above is a review by NCROPA member Antony Grey of a book ...The Christian Political Fringe
The Freethinker, August 1983
The above is an article ...Who’s Abusing Drugs? by Antony Grey
The Video Inspector Cometh by David Webb, from The Freethinker, June 1984
The Age of Big Brother by Ted Goodman, from The Freethinker, April 1985
An article on blasphemy that mentions NCROPA: The Freethinker, August 1985
from AND NOTES in The Freethinker, January 1986, page 3
The Freethinker, March 1986
The above article by David Webb, Change of Obscenery is the best copy I was able to make. The highlighting was done by him – as he frequently did.
Never on a Sunday by Ted Goodman, from The Freethinker, May 1986
The Freethinker, August 1986
The above article, Not so Gay for the Taxpayer, is by NCROPA legal consultant E.A.C. Goodman.
The Freethinker, October 1987
The Freethinker, June 1988
The above front page article (CATHOLIC “SWITCH-FINDER GENERAL” TO HEAD CENSORSHIP COUNCIL) has been highlighted by David Webb.
Letter E.F. Crosswell re David Webb in The Freethinker, April 1992
The Freethinker, May 1994
The above article Laura Norder poses new threat to civil liberties, is by David Webb, and is the best scan possible. It was written in February 1994 and was originally called CONSENTING ADULTS, PROTECTING CHILDREN AND FAILING PARENTS
A book review by E.A.C. Goodman from The Freethinker, November 1994
A letter in The Freethinker, December 1994, re the above review
The Freethinker, February 1995
The above scanned page includes letters from E.A.C. Goodman and Derek Roberts.
Pornography: Letter in The Freethinker, September 1995 from Councillor Goodman
The Freethinker, November 2006, page 15
The above letter by Goodman was not included in the NCROPA files, however, David Webb had a large file of this magazine, including this issue.

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