The following is a short chronology of NCROPA. More detailed information can be found from the document lists which are mostly chronological. Much more can be found about its founder David Webb on The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site. Information about other members can be found in the Dramatis PersonŠ.

March 6, 1931: David Webb is born at Luton, the second child and only son of Alec Webb.

November 1967: RADA graduate Webb reads an article about the activities of Mrs Mary Whitehouse, and resolves there and then to set up a rival (anti-censorship) organisation.

October 19, 1970: David Webb moves into 15 Sloane Court West.

April 29, 1976: NCROPA is launched with David Webb as Organiser.

April 1978: NCROPA produces its first major publication: Evidence To The Committee On Obscenity And Film Censorship

January 21, 1981: A NCROPA delegation lobbies the Home Office.

February 22, 1983: Webb’s title is changed from Organiser to Director.

March 2, 1983: The first full meeting of the NCROPA membership is held, at Conway Hall.

June 9, 1983: David Webb stands against Prime Minister incumbent in the General Election.

1992: At this time, NCROPA membership is £2.50 per annum.

2011: David Webb is diagnosed with prostate cancer. He is admitted to a hospice almost immediately, and according to Edward Goodman, went downhill fast.

December 3, 2012: In his will, David Webb leaves a simple instruction for a secular funeral, and a number of cash bequests to a close friend and to several family members. The largest such bequest was to his sister. The residue of his estate went to his executor E.A.C. Goodman to dispose of according to an apparently complex set of instructions which were not put in writing. Having no time to put his affairs in order and being coherent for perhaps two hours a day, he leaves it to E.A.C. Goodman to preserve the NCROPA archive.

June 30, 2012: David Webb dies at Trinity Hospice, Clapham.

March 1, 2013: The NCROPA Virtual Archive opens.

October 16, 2013: The Modern Records Centre at Warwick University agrees to house the NCROPA papers.

December 12, 2013: The bulk of the NCROPA archive is delivered to the Modern Records Centre at Warwick where it is shortly integrated into the collections.

August 8, 2014: The NCROPA papers are in heavy use at Warwick.

January 1, 2015: NCROPA ceases officially to exist and is absorbed by the Campaign Against Censorship.

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