NCROPA Papers From The CAC Files


After I had scanned the NCROPA archive, Ted Goodman – who is Chairman of the CAC as well as then Acting Director of the now defunct NCROPA – decided he wanted me to scan the CAC archive too, which can be found on its dedicated website. As this is run by Nigel Meek, the papers selected for publication therein have passed through two filters: mine and then his. There are though far fewer than I scanned for NCROPA, for various reasons.

The first tranche of CAC documents was delivered to me by Goodman on February 10, 2014. Because of the overlapping nature of the two organisations, I had expected to find some NCROPA papers and related correspondence in the lever arch files, and I was not disappointed. In the end I extracted several hundred, which after scanning (selectively) I passed back to Goodman for him to deliver to Warwick in due course.

Unless stated otherwise, the papers in the file linked below were all so extracted. I apologise in advance for accidental duplication should there be any. Documents of two or more pages are in PDF while one page documents are generally in JPG format. All the scans are the best quality possible given both the limitations of my equipment and more significantly the condition in which the documents were found.

The file linked below is the index file which contains 179 documents numbered 1-180; (document 96 is linked from The David Webb Virtual Archive & Fan Site). As far as can be ascertained, these are in strict chronological order. There is a smaller number of documents, some undated, which will be added to another file in due course.

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