NCROPA Papers – Pre-NCROPA 1973-6


On the death of NCROPA founder David Webb, all his papers were removed from his apartment by his executor, E.A.C. Goodman, who was also legal consultant to the organisation.

The following year I received all these files, most of them in one tranche. David Webb was a meticulous record keeper, he was also, according to Goodman, a hoarder. Having visited 68 Flood Street myself I can affirm that. I can therefore be fairly certain that I have received everything of relevance.

NCROPA was founded officially on April 29, 1976 with a letter from David Webb in the Evening Standard of that date. Obviously there was both an inspiration for and acts preparatory to its launch, but I can work only with what material I have.

There were only two letters in the files dating to 1973, and none at all for 1974. The first letter from 1975 is dated September 27, and is to then Home Secretary Roy Jenkins. It was copied inter alia to Nicholas Scott, the MP for Chelsea (where David Webb lived).

The next is from P. Sill Johnston, Private Secretary to Nicholas Scott acknowledging receipt – the MP being away. (This letter is not included here).

From February 1976, David Webb began writing to many people whom he hoped would not only be sympathetic to his aspirations but would join him in the struggle. For example, on February 10 he wrote to Kenneth Tynan – the first person to use the word “fuck” on television. Tynan replied, politely declining the invitation. Another person to whom he wrote on that date – Dr Brian Richards – accepted, and became a NCROPA Committee member.

Most of the letters written by Mr Webb at this time have a certain sameness to them, and have not been included here.

There is a gap in the files for August 1976. I donít know the reason for this, but it is extremely unlikely there was no correspondence at all. I know David Webb visited the United States in 1976 – its bicentennial year – so that may have had something to do with it, but by February 1977, NCROPA was in full swing.

(1) Copy letter David Webb to the Independent Broadcasting Authority, March 28, 1973
(2) Letter Independent Broadcasting Authority to David Webb, May 29, 1973
(3) Copy letter David Webb to Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, September 27, 1975
The above letter was copied to a number of parties, as became the norm for David Webb over the years.
(4) Copy letter David Webb to the Attorney General, October 1, 1975
(5) Letter Office of the Prime Minister to David Webb, October 2, 1975
(6) Letter C. Farrington of the Home Office to David Webb, October 15, 1975
The above is a reply to document (3).
(7) Copy letter David Webb to Nicholas Scott, November 18, 1975
(8) Letter Nicholas Scott MP to David Webb, December 1, 1975
(9) Copy letter David Webb to John Mortimer QC, February 5, 1976
(10) Copy letter David Webb to Clement Freud MP, February 6, 1976
(11) Copy letter David Webb to Dr Brian Richards, February 10, 1976
(12) Letter Dr Brian Richards to David Webb, February 11, 1976
(13) Letter Phillip Whitehead MP to David Webb, February 17, 1976
(14) Letter Dr Brian Richards to David Webb, February 19, 1976
(15) Copy letter David Webb to Clement Freud MP, February 23, 1976
(16) Copy letter David Webb to Kenneth Tynan, February 24, 1976
The above is the complete letter, or at least all that appears to have been in the file.
(17) Copy letter David Webb to Home Secretary Roy Jenkins, February 25, 1976
(18) Copy letter David Webb to Peter Taylor of This Week, March 1
(19) Letter Peter Taylor of This Week to David Webb, March 1, 1976
(20) Letter Kenneth Tynan to David Webb, April 1, 1976.

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