My Darling Pig, Maria

Your feminine wiles are no barrier
To the low office to which you aspire;
It was not your slight blonde form that revealed you to me first,
But the de rigueur combination of
Arrogance and overt dishonesty
In which respect you are truly one of the boys.

I could have withheld my name
And reminded you of your lack of jurisdiction.
But I did not.
I could have branded you liar to your smug, stupid, dishonest face
When you told me the listing clerk had not telephoned,
Because I knew from the former acquiescence of the usher
That she had.
But I did not.

You may think you are so cute,
Darling Pig, Maria,
But less than four years ago
I was sleeping with a woman
Superior to even you,
Who fucked up my head
Far worse than you or any of your kind ever could or did
Throughout ten years and more of unwarranted harassment, seizures, smears, and gratuitous lies.
A woman who for all her superior intelligence
Is even dumber than you,
As wil be evinced nine days hence by her weeping on her daughter’s grave
For the fifth anniversary in succession
In denial of a folie à deux
To which even your comrades-in-arms succumbed.

So save your patronising remarks,
Your sneers, and your lies,
Darling Pig, Maria,
For some less worldly wise sap, who unlike me will be awed by them.

July 17, 2011

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