Millbank Sonnet

The artists’ frozen thoughts of yesteryear
Live on, reflected here in stone and oils;
A flashing smile, a frown, a sudden tear,
The sweet caress of love, war’s evil spoils.
A squeak of rubber soles on varnished wood.
A stolen kiss o’ershadowed by Rodin,
A battle scene where ill-will conquers good,
The myriad faces of Enigma Man.
The corridors and galleries of Time
Suspended like a fairy tale romance;
The ghosts of visionaries sing in rhyme,
And whisper soft as zephyrs through your trance:
"Draw back the veil, and lift us from our stain
That through your sentience we may live again!"

[This was written specifically for a competition. Needless to say, I didn’t win.]

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