Menachem Begin’s Song

All through our history we’ve been so hated,
By anti-Semites, bigots, everyone,
By kings and commoners we’ve been berated,
By popes and heathens, but what have we done?
We’ve made the nations wealthy with our banking,
And sided with oppressed folk thorough and through,
Yet all we’ve ever got is blame, no thanking:
O, o, how hard it is to be a Jew.

Look what they did in Mediaeval Britain,
Expelled us, and they butchered us in York.
Do we deserve to be so cruelly smitten
Just cos we killed the Christ and don’t eat pork?
We haven’t all got phallic symbol noses,
We’re not all stinking rich, and even you,
You hateful goyim, aren’t all sweet as roses:
O, o, how hard it is to be a Jew.

The pogroms were so bad in Tsarist Russia,
In Poland too, those Slavs, they gave us hell,
And then there were the camps in modern Prussia,
Six million died, though many lived to tell.
Yet they are never satisfied these haters,
Not will they be until our Holy Land
Is wrenched from us by Arafat’s Jew-baiters,
But we will fight upon the desert sand.

Against all odds we’ll strive and overcome them,
And drive the Palestinian rag-bags out.
We’ve got brave men, (and U.S arms) to numb them,
And where it matters, we’ve got force and clout.
The media is still a Kosher haven
Though since the Lebanon outrage they too,
(Like Western politicians) have turned craven:
O, o, how hard it is to be a Jew.

But life goes on, and still we’ve got our nation,
Despite the PLO men and Jihad;
We’ve got a deficit and high inflation,
And things home and abroad are looking bad.
But when all’s said and done, though life’s no better
Nor are we worse off than in World War Two,
For though it rains, we can’t get any wetter:
It’s always been so hard to be a Jew.

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