Images From A Lost Summer


On December 17, 2003, after a six week trial, Soham school caretaker Ian Huntley was convicted of the murders of ten year olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman. He admitted killing the two girls and disposing of their bodies but denied murder, concocting in his defence a surrealistic scenario of an accidental drowning of Holly and a panicked trance state killing of Jessica. After his conviction, Huntley was exposed as a serial paedophile who had slipped through the net. He was described by police as a plausible, manipulative liar.


Ian Huntley: the monster who murdered ten year olds
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.


Holly and Jessica: two young girls at play.


Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman: a cut down version of the
iconic photograph of the two girls in their football shirts
taken literally hours before their murder.


Holly Wells as bridesmaid.


Holly Wells: an English rose never to bloom.

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