This section contains miscellaneous previously unpublished works by the great man - excluding correspondence.

American Psycho: an unpublished review, 1991
The above was written for the magazine of the Campaign Against Censorship; publication of the latter did not materialise.
Apartheid Has Fallen
The above was written in 1989 but never published. However, Mark used it as the basis for a talk to the Springbok Club in 2009. The note in red at the bottom of the first page reads “Interestingly, the word isn’t used.”
Betty: an unpublished review of the autobiography of Betty Driver, 2000
Bilko: Behind The Lines With Phil Silvers, by Mickey Freeman: an unpublished review, 2000
Black Ajax by George MacDonald Fraser: an unpublished review, 1997
Get Back: believe it or not, this was part of a job application from the 1980s, something to do with the theatre.
Gettysburg: An Alternate History, by Peter G. Tsouras: unpublished review written in 1998
High Spirits: an unpublished review of the autobiography of Joan Sims, 2000
Jolson: an unpublished review from 1995 that he sent “somewhere”.
Meeting: notes - like the document immediately below, these are notes of a meeting Mark attended, in this case of the Sexual Freedom Coalition, May 30, 2010. They were taken by hand and typed up later.
Meeting: notes
The above two page document consists of the notes made by Mark of a meeting he attended on July 5, 2011. This was never intended for publication; I found it while I was scanning the CAC Archive.
Moderates?: an unpublished article written sometime in the 1990s that he sent “somewhere”.
Notes re a meeting chaired by Chris Buckhurst, July 5, 2011
The above are some typed notes - from the handwritten - made by Taha at a meeting so dated. I found this in the CAC file.
Notes re Dark Knight etc, circa 2012
The above are some typed notes - from the handwritten - made by Taha at a meeting at the National Film Theatre. I found this in the CAC file.
Ringmasters: an unpublished review, 1991
Sharp’s Tiger: an unpublished review written for Collectors’ Digest, 1997
Sonny Boy: an unpublished review of a biography of Sonny Liston, 1993
The Disappearance Of Edwin Drood: an unpublished review, circa 1991
The Evil Good Men Do: an unpublished review, circa early 1993
The New Mercenaries: an unpublished review, 1986
The Real World Of Sherlock Holmes: an unpublished review probably written for Collectors’ Digest, 1991
The Restructuring Of America: an unpublished review, circa 1991
The Ripper And The Royals: an unpublished review probably written, circa 1991
The Secret Files Of Sherlock Holmes, circa 1990
The above is the best copy possible.
The Sinners Repenteth?, 1995
Tory Democracy: Its Time Has Come: an unpublished article, 1990
Mark says he cannot remember if or where he sent the above, but it appears to have been written on November 23, 1990. The scan is the best possible.

Published Correspondence By Mark Taha (Original Introduction)
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