How Many More Times
Will Gerry Gable And His
Searchlight Gang
Repeat This Vile Untruth?

Gerry Gable likes to present himself to the world as a leading authority on and opponent of Fascism, racism and “anti-Semitism”. Leaving aside the fact that he obviously doesn’t understand what Fascism is, (1) Gable is no more an enemy of any of these belief systems than he is an authority on them. With regard to anti-Semitism in particular, Gable is not a friend of the Jewish people but a cynical exploiter of Jewish suffering - real and imagined - and none more so than by his incessantly repeated claim to have brought to justice the killers of a young trainee rabbi in the 1960s.

Gable appears to have made this claim for the first time - in print anyway - in an interview with the Jewish Chronicle newspaper in October 1987, although he had previously made a similar claim in the September 1984 issue of Searchlight. The Jewish Chronicle interview is very specific. In the 1960s, a campaign by Nazi terrorists “resulted in the death of a yeshiva student”, but he hunted them down and brought them to justice: “something the police had been completely unable to do for over a year.” (2)

Gable’s “investigation” was said to have resulted in thirteen convictions. He was spurred on by the desire to track down the killers whatever the cost, after he “stood in the burnt-out shell of that yeshiva at four in the morning and made a private vow to get the people who’d done that”.

This lie has been repeated in print many times, (3) the latest in the July 2000 issue of Searchlight, a special issue devoted to the recently convicted nail-bomber David Copeland, wherein it is reported that the arsons campaign had left “one theological student dead and another with serious spinal injuries”, and that “It was more than a year before the mid-1960s arsonists were in custody and then only as a result of the work of a Searchlight investigation team”. What are the true facts?

The true facts are unpleasant enough and are documented in contemporary newspaper reports, in particular in the Jewish Chronicle, the Times, and also in the local press, the Hackney Gazette. In addition to this, the papers from two of the three trials of the synagogue arsonists have been preserved and are held by the Public Record Office in files CRIM 1/4469, PART 1 & PART 2 (REGINA V DUKES + ORS); and CRIM 1/4749, (REGINA V JORDAN). The current writer has also published in-depth analyses of the arson campaigns. (4)

Very briefly, in 1965, Mrs Françoise Jordan, (5) the estranged wife of the British Nazi leader Colin Jordan, seduced (ideologically) a number of young men who shared her extremist views into setting fire to a number of synagogues in the London area. One of these young men, Paul Dukes, had an attack of conscience, and after a chance meeting with Gable’s friend and mentor, Harry Bidney, confessed to his role in the fires. He and the others were subsequently arrested and tried. The two trials at the Central Criminal Court in February and April of 1966 resulted in a total of ten convictions and one acquittal.

Mrs Jordan, who had incited the fires, fled to her native France but was arrested when she returned to Britain in 1967; in January 1968 she was gaoled for eighteen months.

So what of the Yeshiva fire? In November 1964, four months before the first of the synagogue arsons, the Mesifta Talmudical College in Cazenove Road, Stamford Hill, in the heart of Jewish London, went up in flames. A student named Robert (Judah) Gottesman (who as far as I know is currently working in the Kosher meat trade in Manchester) suffered serious leg injuries when he jumped from an upper storey window. Another, 15 year old Woolf Katz, was less fortunate.

Because of the nature of the college, or the usual reasons, rumours, gossip, etc, there was some suspicion that the fire had been arson. The authorities went to considerable lengths to quash these rumours, and the following month New Scotland Yard informed the local MP David Weitzman that “Careful inquiries have been made into the suggestions of suspected incendiarism consequent upon an outbreak of fire at the above establishment. There is no evidence that any form of pseudo-fascist or similar activity is present in the district, or that this incident was perpetrated by any such local organisations.” (6)

All Gable did, was quite cynically tag on this accidental killing to his mythical successful investigation into the arsons campaign.

The Jewish Chronicle newspaper and Gable’s friends at the Board of Deputies know what lying scum their hero is, they have seen the documentation time and time again, yet they continue to promote his lies, and they continue to support him. Even though he lied, and continues to lie, to them, about the tragic death of Woolf Katz, and about all manner of things, including about the true antecedents of his Jewish-born fourth wife (and former leading Nazi) Sonia, and his chum, unreconstructed anti-Semite Ray Hill.

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