O Lord, My Vanity, Itís Killing Me

Take away my madness,
Divest me of my sadness,
But if you can do neither
Iíll not be narked by either,
I can live with misery,
And face up to insanity,
But Lord, my vanity,
Itís killing me.

Take away my sorrow,
Give me hope for the morrow,
But if you canít rebuild me,
Donít let my ego gild me,
I can live with my loneliness,
But Lord, not such conceitedness.

Take away my cheating,
My temper overheating,
But if you cannot cool me,
Donít let my ego fool me.
People accept dishonesty
But never crass immodesty.

Destroy my fake ambition,
My phony erudition,
My love of, lust for, power,
And my ivory tower,
But if you cannot teach me
To be humble completely,
Then take away my vanity,

Oh Lord, itís killing me.

(Apologies to Phil Lynott)

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